Wakefield High School Crest

Wakefield High School Class of 1959

Arlington, Virginia

Wakefield Warrior
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Janet Axtell Burnett photograph from 1959 Starstone

Janet Axtell Burnett


I do recall her speaking about you (Tom Hawkins) and many other childhood contacts and memories of her Arlington childhood. Believe me many of Sundays were going up and down past the house and all the Arlington haunts including the infamous Weenie Beanie location and all the drag racing stories thru Green Valley and her recounting the stories. LOL My first Sergeant in the Police Department was Bob Gideon back in 1982 and his brother graduated with you all in 1959. She did go to Peyton Randolph as she grew up on Monroe St/18th St.

Janet Axtell Burnett and husband George

My mom from 2005 with my dad.

My mom did marry her teenage sweetheart George Burnett in 1960 and they were married 46 years old. They moved to Woodbridge, Va. (14203 Radford Ct. Woodbridge, Va) in the early 60’s where she raised a family. She and my dad had three children and 4 grandchildren. My mom was a wonderful stay at home mom and actually went back to work at our local elementary school in the early 80’s and retired in 2005. Her favorite pastimes were shopping, road trips, beach trips, and family outings. She passed away at the age of 64 of lung cancer in August 2006.

Debi Burnett