Wakefield High School Crest

Wakefield High School Class of 1959

Arlington, Virginia

Wakefield Warrior
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Joyce Brenner's photograph from the 1959 Starstone

'Myrna' Joyce Brenner Rossin


Joyce Brenner was my dearest friend, starting in junior high at T.J., then throughout our years at Wakefield High School and indeed for the rest of our lives. She married very soon after graduating from Wakefield and had two children, Natalie and Michael. After her divorce, she moved to California to be near her sister Rita, her only sibling. Unfortunately, Rita Brenner died in her 30s from heart disease but Joyce stayed on in California, first in the San Francisco Bay Area (where I visited her often) and then in Los Angeles where her son still lives. She was a highly respected real estate developer in both San Francisco and Los Angeles. She survived a bout with breast cancer in her late 40s but succumbed to leukemia in 2001 at age 59 in Los Angeles. Her husband, Nat Rossin, visited me about a year after Joyce died and I took him to all the places she talked about to him but never had a chance to show him including Wakefield HS, her house on South 13th Street, the Arlington Theater, the Pike, and the place where Tops Drive In used to be! Joyce was always there for me as I tried to be for her. S he was a healer and a poet and a beautiful person, inside and out. I miss her always.

Ginny 'Thelma' Walker Boylan