Wakefield High School Crest

Wakefield High School Class of 1959

Arlington, Virginia

Wakefield Warrior
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William 'Billy' Funkhouser photograph from 1959 Starstone

William 'Billy' Funkhouser


Billy Funkhouser was one of a kind. He was always laughing and joking around and having a good time. Bill died in 1993 from a heart problem. When the 1959 baseball was electing the co captains, Billy organized a write in votes for Mickey Mouse and Mort Irwin was none too happy when he counted the ballots. But that was Billy and in spite of that, he was one of the co captains. He could pitch and play any other baseball position. He and I were in junior college together. I remember Billy threw eleven straight innings of no hit baseball, over a two game period. Bill went on to pitch at Shepherd College and graduated in 1963. He then was a Marine officer and served in Vietnam. Later Billy coached baseball at a couple of high schools in Fairfax County. He may not have won many championships, but his players loved playing for him. That to me is an ultimate compliment. To Billy, you were always his friend. When our paths crossed we would talk about being together and some of the things we did in college. Most of those stories can be told in the setting.

Tom Hawkins