Wakefield High School Crest

Wakefield High School Class of 1959

Arlington, Virginia

Wakefield Warrior
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Jack Germas's photograph from 1959 Starstone

Jack Germas


Here is a brief note on my friend Jack Germas whose picture has been on my office wall for years and died in 1979.

A few months after graduation, and after saving a few bucks, Jack set off in a surplus WWII jeep with Frank French and myself for several months travel through Central and South America. We were stranded in Columbia when our jeep wrecked. Jack was my classmate at UVA after we returned and later received his degree from George Mason University. He married a good friend, Elaine Kent in 1965. He subsequently received a Masters and PhD degree in Psychology from Memphis State University. Jack then worked as a research scientist at the Armed Forces Radiobiological Research Institute in Bethesda. He became ill in 1975 with cancer, as did 5 of his 7 coworkers. He fought it for four years, but died in in 1979 leaving his wife and two children. Frank and I still miss him. He was a special, decent person who thrived in every minute of his life.

Tom Harward