Wakefield High School Crest

Wakefield High School Class of 1959

Arlington, Virginia

Wakefield Warrior
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James 'Jimmy' Payne's photograph from the 1959 Starstone

James 'Jimmy' Payne


To Jim’s friends and family,

They life-flighted Jim downtown to Methodist Hospital Sunday afternoon, and the subsequent diagnosis was a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm. The same top medical team that operated on him last April was waiting for him, and they took him straight into surgery where they found extensive damage and complications we didn’t know about. They believe that he also suffered a heart attack during the ER time at NorthWest Houston Methodist Hospital. The surgeon performed a 4.5 hour surgery to get him stabilized, and in the next 12 hours they took him back to surgery two more times. They got him into the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit but his condition continued to deteriorate until it was apparent there was nothing they could do to save him. They disconnected life support late Monday afternoon and he died within minutes. Please forgive this ‘group’ message, but he would want you to know about his passing.

Barbara Payne